The study of human anatomy is an integral part of the training of medical students worldwide and remains one of the most extensive and demanding basic science disciplines due to its immense knowledge base and diversity of components. In recent years anatomy courses have become more expansive in an effort to integrate basic structure with various imaging modalities and clinical correlates. The result is that students are faced with managing larger volumes of learning resources that come from widely dispersed sources and in a variety of formats. Thus, we saw an immediate need to help students and medical educators find a way to quickly and efficiently access human anatomy-related resources.

We have developed Anatomy Interactive as an academic portal designed to provide students with a common Web-based interface through which they can acquire information about the anatomical sciences. At this Web site we have created a dynamic electronic newsletter with an interactive, content-driven, organizational structure that provides effective information retrieval and promotes active learning.

Moreover, we envision Anatomy Interactive to be an information portal that can be used to share human anatomy-related resources worldwide. The aim of this project is to enhance the effectiveness of student learning by developing functional education resources that are used on a regular basis. We welcome your comments and contributions.

The Anatomy-Interactive Team



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